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Blue Cherry Flavor Box of 15

One aroma bottle of the juicy Blue Cherry flavor is not enough for you? Then you are right served with 15er Blue Cherry Aroma Box. Your advantage is not only aroma to the point of exhaustion, but also a great discount.



In an electrifying metamorphosis, the power of ripe cherries has been transformed into a revolutionary blue flavor and charged with mild coolness. The energy of juicy power shocks the circuitry of your receptors. A high-voltage work for your palate.


Attention. The electromagnetic attraction of Revoltage can be instantly addictive. Once tasted, no resistance is possible.

Blue Cherry Flavor Box of 15

SKU: 200010010
€209.25 Regular Price
€188.33Sale Price
100 Milliliters
VAT Included |


    Anders als die meisten Hersteller füllen wir die Revoltage LongFill-Aromen ausschließlich in 75ml Chubby-Flaschen ab. Dadurch erhältst Du beim Anmischen nicht nur mehr E-Liquid, sondern auch endlich mal was Langes in der Hose.


    Inhalt 15 x 17,5 ml
    Geschmacksrichtung blaue Kirsche mit Kühlung
    Nikotingehalt 0 mg / ml



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